Volunteers Needed!

Research is just beginning at the rich archaeological site of Old St. Stephens. Archaeology is being conducted by the Center for Archaeological Research at the University of South Alabama.

Volunteer FAQ

What if I can't dig?  Archaeology is not just field work. We need volunteers to help sort artifacts. We currently have a huge backlog of material from past digs that needs to be processed. The work involves sorting through the rubble and picking out artifacts such a glass, ceramics, beads, buttons, bone, etc. Artifacts are bagged and returned to the laboratory at the university for analysis.

What age do you have to be? While we do not have specific age requirements, we do ask that volunteers be at least 14 years old unless accompanied by an adult. All participants will be required to sign a hold-harmless agreement.

Can I keep anything? Sorry, but all the artifacts help to fill in one piece of a complicated puzzle. Most will never be displayed in a museum, but they all play a vital role in revealing the complicated and hidden lives of your ancestors. You can take photos and your name will be listed in the final research monograph published on the Globe.

To be added to our volunteer program list, send an email to gshorter@jaguar1.usouthal.edu containing the following information. You will be added to our email list and contacted during the volunteer season.

Please include your name, age, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and the dates you would be available to participate. Feel free to include any questions, comments, or suggestions!

For more information please contact:

George Shorter
Center for Archaeological Studies
University of South Alabama
(334) 460-6563

For information concerning park hours, prices, and availability please contact sshc@alabama.gov
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