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Old St. Stephens Historic Park owes its existence to the interest, perseverance, and ingenuity of local citizens. During the early years citizens donated their time, and even when limited funds became available, they were used frugally. For instance, most of the lumber for the structures in the park was milled on site. The Alabama Department of Corrections provided skilled labor for building construction. The Washington County Commission assisted with site roads and other improvements. And while the St. Stephens Historical Commission is fortunate to receive a limited operating allotment from the Alabama Legislature, these funds do not allow for significant capital development or for programs such as archaeology. Funds for this work must come from other sources.

At its inception the St. Stephens Historical Commission realized the significance of the historic site and the important role archaeology had to play in telling the story of the early settlers in Alabama. Augmented with matching grants from the Alabama Historical Commission and various other donors the St. Stephens Historical Commission has dedicated thousands of dollars toward this goal. Projects included two years of surveying to record existing features and establish the town grid, and a salvage project on the river of what may be one of the earliest structures at St. Stephens. The Globe excavation is the first major research project directed at a specific site in the town. Excavations during 2002 yielded significant data and produced a wealth of artifacts while providing an educational experience for Expedition participants and local residents.

In order to continue this work we desperately need corporate and private sponsors. Your funds will be used only for direct project expense or for matching funds from limited grant sources such as the Alabama Historical Commission. Please contact Jim Long at (251) 246-6790 or George Shorter at (251) 460-6563 if you would like to arrange a conference or presentation, or tour St. Stephens. Thank you for your time and consideration.

For information concerning park hours, prices, and availability please contact sshc@alabama.gov
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