Meet the Residents
of Old St. Stephens

This is a list of the names of merchants and businessmen of the Old St. Stephens area, taken from the book Old St. Stephens Historical Records Survey and St. Stephens Historical Records Survey Revised Edition 1999, which were compiled by Jacqueline Anderson Matte, Doris Brown and Barbara Waddell for the St. Stephens Historical Commission (© 1997 by the St. Stephens Historical Commission). If you think that you may be a relative of any of the people on the list below, and would like to contribute information to the research being done on the lives of the people of Old St. Stephens, please e-mail  Barbara Waddell.

Alston, J. W. (Merchant and hotel owner)
Alston, Lemuel J., Jr.(Merchant and hotel owner)
Armstrong, John Rachel (Ferry Owner)
Aspinwall, John M. (Partner w/ Dearing & Co.)

Baldwin, Sarah (Cattle Owner)
Bellancey, Thomas (Tailor)
Bibb, Thomas (Senator-Alabama)
Bilbo, John P. (Tavernkeeper)
Bonner, John (Doctor)
Bosworth, Richard (Dry Goods Store)
Boughton, Samuel (Hat Store)
Brickell, Richard B. (Newspaper Publisher)
Bright, Henry (General Merchant)
Brisban & Herndon (Merchants of High Street)
Brown, Neisbet (House Painter)

, Andrew (Rev. Professor, St. Stephens Academy)
Caller, Robert, Jr.
Carrington, Ashbel B. (Dry Goods Merchant)
Caskaden, George Mary (Mill Stones)
Chandler, N. E. (Carriage Maker)
Coolidge, Elias
Cotton, G. B. (Publisher, Mobile Gazette)
Cowles, Ovid (Patent Mills)
Crawford, William (Lawyer, Banker)
Crowell, John (Merchant)
Crowell, Thomas (Merchant)
Cunningham, John (Merchant)

Dale, John C. (Hotel and Tavernkeeper)
Davis, Samuel Margaret (Debt)
Dearing, James H. (Steamboat Builder)
Dellet, James (Representative, Territorial Legislature)
Dickens, Alonzo (Commercial News Room)
Dinsdale, Robert (Paint Mill)
Douglas, Thomas H. (Hotel Keeper)
Dow, Lorenzo (Rev. Traveling Preacher)
Downing, J. (Tailor)
Duphrey (Furniture Store)

Eastin, Thomas (Newspaper Publisher)
Esprey, Wiley
Everett, John F. (Dry Goods Merchant)

Farr, James Mary
Farrar, Thomas (Debt Collector)
Files, David S. (Col. Military)
Flaut, Joseph M. (Leather Tanner)
Frazier, John (Gig and Carriage Maker)

Gaines, William D. (Merchant)
Gamble, James C. (General Merchandise)
Gordy, Eligah (Ship Master)

Hallett, Thomas L. (Attorney)
Hanford, Gerrard (Barbar)
Henry, William (Businessman)
Hitchcock, Henry (Attorney)
Holland, Andrew G. (Dry Goods Merchant)
Hunter, Morrison (Attorney)
Huston, Robert (Businessman)

Jackson, Henry (Property Owner)

Lawson, James (Cotton Gins)
Liggin, Billy (Property Owner)
Lindsay, Mrs. (Tavern Owner)
Long, James F. (Hatter)
Lyon, James G. (Merchant)

Magruder, Leonard A. (Agent for Jefferson College)
Martin, Mahala (Free Woman of Color)
McDonald, William (Property Owner)
McLauglin, John (Saddle Shop)
Meeker, John (Pharmacy)
Morrison, Hiram (Merchant)
Morrison, William (Merchant)
Moxsy J. Sidney (Collector)
Mutter, Richard B. (Gun Shopkeeper)

Newton, Peter B. (Castor Oil Factory)
Noble, Joseph (Attorney)

Parkin, Hadod (Dry Goods, Drugs and Medicines)

Repsher, John (Bake Shop)
Ross, Jack F. (Merchant and Bank Clerk)
Rouse, Mrs. (Boarding House)
Ruffin, A. G. (Attorney)

Saffold, Reuben, (Attorney)
Salle', George F. (Attorney)
Saltonstall, W. W. (Dry Goods, Drugs and Medicines)
Sloss, J. L. (Rev. Professor, St. Stephens Academy)
Smith, Archibald (Encyclopedia Agent)
Smith, Edward (Brick Maker)
Smith, Robert (Watch Repair Shop)
Smith, Samuel (Tavernkeeper)
Smoot, A. B. (Dry Goods Merchant and Tanyard Owner)
Snow (Merchant)
Sossaman, John W. (Silversmith)
St. John John (Doctor)
St. John Samuel (Doctor)
Stodder, Seth (Hotel Keeper)

Tobert, James A. (Merchant)
Toulmin, J. B. (Hardware and Groceries)

Whiting, John (Hotelkeeper)
Whiting, Nathan (Merchant)
Wilson, Matthew D. (Attorney)
Woodson, Archibald R. (Doctor)

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