History and Archaeology

The History of Old St. Stephens

From its origins in the 1790s until its decline in the 1820s, Old St. Stephens was a bustling center of trade, and the site of Spanish and American forts, and the Alabama Territorial capitol.

The Cemeteries of Old St. Stephens

Make a virtual visit to the old town cemetery and the Hays and Crawford family cemeteries.

The Halcyon

Read excerpts from the town's weekly newspaper, The Halcyon and Tombecbe Public Advertiser (definition of Halcyon: prosperous, peaceful, idyllic. From the New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, edited by Lesley Brown, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1993.)

Historical Research and
Archaeology at Old St. Stephens

Much can be learned about Old St. Stephens by searching for old maps and records,
and with archaeological studies.

Further Reading

A short list of books and periodicals that might be of interest to you.

Meet the Residents!

Read the names and occupations of some of the people who lived in St. Stephens.

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